The way home


At his desk he sat

In this little loft a ways away

From the bustling metropolis

Listening to sweet music

A great distance from home.

He wandered afar in looking

In seeking a new life, a new future

Befitting the expectations set

Without his wanting for them

He did dream for this life

A nomadic spirit, he thought

Craving for a penny of solitude

Yearning for what’s yonder

Than can be seen by many.

New people flooding his everyday

Work piling up on his desk

Classes fighting for time

A busy two years ahead.

Yet in his long sojourn

Only first steps taken now

Knowing of the highs and lows

But not having faced them

Already did he realise

That this long route

That this new adventure

Is simply the way back home.

The anomalous girl


A little girl
Performing a solo in her world
Playing with made up instruments
That served as tiny testaments
Of the complexity that ran through her mind

She felt connected to the earth
Never to people from her birth
But to plants and tiny sentient beings
That took to her for the entirety of her living

She crossed paths with none
Some thought she was the special one
She felt that she was far
From making progress or even having a friendly spar

As time flew by it was dawned upon
That those with an ounce of closeness to her heart had gone
Faraway having their life taken away
And yet to this not a price she had paid

As time flew, by she felt stronger than ever before
Rid of all childhood sores
A little gasp once in a while
But she knew she’d be alright

As far as her life went
Not a shred of emotional torment
Nothing humane swept her away
Life slowly flowed through her
In the same gentle way a stream brings her waters

She lost her love and only friend
A tall magnificent tree that had heard her every grievance
Which had rustled its leaves with the wind in comfort
Dried her tears and known all her dreams she shared with none
Everyone only knew her as the transparent one

She knew she had to live for them all
She steeled herself for the falls
Her will to live only strengthened
As her lifespan needlessly lengthened

She burned with passion to make it happen
The pain had not danced around in vain
She looked back at the time she spoke to an empty world
Where she spoke only to the Goddess, her mother
Earth who’d always cared for her
Was now to let go of this mischievous nipper

Despite being denounced
Her bond no longer strong
The wind and rain continued to be a friend
Comforting her until she could fend


Tis a mile away from home

The usual stroll was unusual

For it was pouring in torrents;

Roads turned into rivers

Cars drove like boats

I, drenched from top to bottom,

In gleeful smiles and selfies

The rain energised my soul.

Who knew, a stroll,

A stroll in the downpour

Could be what I needed;

To go soul searching

In the heaviest rains.


He opens his eyes

A long day ahead lies

Of strife and tire

For people to admire.

He toils for hours

Through hurdles he powers

With anger and stress

In fear of regress.

He drives many miles

A face devoid of smiles

In thoughts and feelings

Of the month-end dealings.

He waits for his paycheck

A lifestyle in a wreck

Months and years of abuse

For fancy pairs of shoes.

The wandering nomad

I am but a wandering nomad

Travelling from corner to corner

Of this hallowed Earth

Much trodden upon

In seeking contentment.


I am but a clueless soul

Skipping from dream to dream

Of the expansive mind

Much thoughts thought

In searching truth.


I am but a lost being

Stammering from phrase to phrase

Of this oft-used tongue

Much words spoken

In finding meaning.


Having been a jack

But never a master

I be ready and steady

To not run further

To stay and be;


Till I find a haven

A place of welcome

Unto where I shall bask

In glory and power


Adventure in the woods

Quiet and peaceful

T’was in the woods

Twigs and crickets

Crackling in the dark

From field to forest

In a sharp contrast

An ocean of green

To sink oneself in

Cleanest of breaths

And calmest of minds

T’was an adventure

Into the wilderness

Where be one

In eternal peace.

Unbridled joy

The door closes

On your sweet face

Angry and sad

A face not in wanting

For me to leave.

The day progresses

On thoughts of you

Anxious and nervous

A mind not at peace

For you’re alone.

The door opens

To your big smile

Cries and kisses

An unbridled joy

For a wagging tail.



Kaput goes the light

Darkness befalls the night;

Fumbling in the dark

Then comes the spark.

A plan is hatched

The store door unlatched,

A push on the handle

To retrieve a candle.

Three times a scratch

To light the match,

A flicker of luminescence

From the object of obsolescence,

To fill up the room

In a shroud of gloom.

Tis but one night

For the past to reignite

In stories told and re-told

Until morning light behold.



ws_Field_and_Tree_at_Sunset_1680x1050I am but a rooted tree
Allow me to enlighten thee
Because everyday, I see
Events I ought to contain
With a latch key

The one with the yellow dress
fit like a lantern
Singing with joy fearless
with no rhyme or pattern
Until the one in black
as empty as his emotions
Silent whips “crack”
with practiced motions
She sings some more
the pattern I now recognize
Spawled on the gnarled floor
I’m the only one mesmerized

The girl with the 2 wheeled chair
eagers towards the hidden leaf
Places it on her golden hair
“where are you, you little thief”
The other wobbles uphill
her stick and bucket in hand
I sense envy until
her milky eyes scan the sunshined land
The first hides herself but not the contraption
the second stumbles on it, laughts it off
I lay confused by a surprised action
holding each, into the sunset they head off

He lay at my feet
the coughing man
I’m silent, a good retreat
for the speechless coughing man
He brings his paint
begins his perpetual “masterpiece”
His sinewy fingers, the pinks stain
labours on, his perpetual “masterpiece”
I feel naked, shy and flushed
for years from that stare
“Not too slow now, not too rushed”
“got to have grace, strength and flair”

I am but a rooted tree
Allow me to enlighten thee
Because everyday, I see
Events I ought to contain
With a latch key

Because the yellow turned to red that day
The pattern drawn inside
The song, though, never at bay
Forever gone that yellow bride

I am but a rooted tree
Allow me to enlighten thee
Because everyday, I see
Events I ought to contain
With a latch key

Because the chair away she flung
The day she copped a knee
Far away the church bells rung
“Love, the only thing I see”

I am but a rooted tree
Allow me to enlighten thee
Because everyday, I see
Events I ought to contain
With a latch key

Because the cough finally ceased
At my feet the perpetual “masterpiece”
“For you, the only asset I bequeathe”
“My love, my perfect masterpiece”

I wish I could hug her
I wish I could congratulate em
I wish I could cry for him
I wish I could stand by em

I am but a rooted tree
All I can do is enlighten thee
About what everyday I see
Events I ought to contain
With a latch key